Bang your head against a wall. Repeat 3 – 5 times. Then tell your friends and neighbours how badly it went. Welcome to the world of home renovations. You have heard it all many times, but does it really have to end that way?   Most homeowners will go through the process of renovating their homes at some point. The majority of people only go through one, possibly two major renovations in their lives. Many of the homeowners that are on their second renovation did not have a great experience with

Achieving a minimalistic look and feel to your home means following a few guidelines that will have your space looking like a dream oasis.You might think that such a basic color palette wouldn’t give enough character to a space but the modesty of color actually creates a serene and relaxing environment. Start with the simplicity of white and build upon it with grays and other monochromatic hues.Keeping with monochromatic hues will ensure clean lines and a minimalistic esthetic. A simple color

If you’re like me, I need to have…. or at least know about all the newest kitchen technology that hits the market.  Not that I’m competitive (actually, I am!!), but at least knowing about the most innovative technology makes me feel ahead of the game.1.  At the top of consumers’ wish list for kitchen technology is a hands-free faucet.An electronic faucet is preset at a certain temperature and is activated once it senses motion in the sink. Not only is this cool technology but it actually saves

Have you ever danced like no one was watching?  No?  Okay, neither have we …… but  having an open concept design in your home would make dancing and pretty much everything else a whole lot easier.There is no denying that an open concept space looks modern and spacious.  If you’re thinking about having your home renovated to achieve this beautiful aesthetic, it’s important to keep a few things in mind in terms of your lifestyle and how your space will work for you and your family.Pros:An open

If you ‘ve been having a tough time getting your teenage daughters out of thebathroom, the new design trends for 2016 might just make that job a little moredifficult.Bathrooms have long been a relaxing retreat to steal some time away for yourself.Luxurious wellness options that were once only available to us in premier spas andhotels are now making their way into customized home bathroom design.Walk-In- ShowersWalk-In- Showers continue to steal the spotlight and are equipped with many of

It goes without saying that a beautiful wood floor gives a room character.  You can choose to go with sophisticated, elegant appeal or a more natural and rustic look for a room.With such a wide variety of hardwood options to choose from, it’s important to know what you’re buying and how it will look in your home.Site-finished flooringA "site-finished" floor is a floor that is sanded, stained and finished after it is installed in your home.We are still installing "site finished" wood

Are you a tree hugger?  How about an extreme outdoor adventurer? Maybe, like many of us, you recognize that nature is perfect in it’s imperfection and you’re happy enough to integrate those elements into your home interior.We’ve put together a few ideas to help you create a peaceful, zen retreat by bringing nature indoors. Flooring and countertops. Choosing a wider board for wood flooring expands the look and size of a room.  It also helps to create a more rustic look.Wooden countertops give a

Remember the old adage “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”?Well, imagine loving what you do and also loving the space that you’re doing it in.Creativity is not driven by data but instead by inspiration. Companies that rely on innovative ideas and staying ahead of the pack rarely operate out of traditional side-by-side, closed in cubicles and the glare of unnatural, overhead fluorescent lighting.Here, we share 3 inspirational ideas for turning your basement

For those of you who have already experienced a renovation of any kind, you know that your new kitchen or bathroom didn’t just emerge fully formed from the head of Zeus.Looking back you probably wish that you had planned some coping strategies for getting to the finish line with a little less anxiety.Here are 4 self-preservation tips we’ve put together for your best reno ever!Things Are Gonna Get LOUD!There is no way around it - saws make noise ….. so do hammers.After so many years, Martha was

The lovely weather this week got me to thinking about winter....go figure. I am sure you were cursing the thermometer as well. Like it or not; winter is coming. And soon after winter comes in Ottawa, so does the holiday season. What do renovators hate more than is the dreaded holiday completion deadline. Standard question - "We are hosting our family this year for the holidays, will you finish in time?".....What we would like to say - "Of course we can, we will just have to go back

​​“Will it go out of style”, one of our renovation customers asked me today regarding a renovation project she and her husband are considering. This is not an uncommon question; I have actually heard it quite often. My reply was simply that good design does not go out of style. Popularity of styles may ebb and flow. New products and materials, techniques and technologies may grab our attention at times more than those of the past, but truly good design will always be good design. What goes out

  We love our homes, that is why we buy them….well that, and it rains sometimes. But, we purchase our homes with our hearts…..we say things like “home sweet home”, “ home is where the heart is” and “home, home, on the range”….what?? Sorry, got carried away.  We do love our homes and they are important to our families, our way of life and….our financial well being. Yes, they are generally the largest investment we will ever make in our lives. We buy our homes and they cost so much it takes us 20

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