Top Ten Kitchen Cabinet Kings Posts of 2016

Check out our top ten posts from 2016 for creative kitchen and bathroom inspiration!

Check out our top ten posts from 2016 for creative kitchen and bathroom inspiration!

We wanted to celebrate 2016 and bring in the new-year with some creative, energetic ideas. We’ve gathered up our most popular posts of 2016 so you can take a look back through this year’s most loved kitchen and bathroom design trends.

5 Easy Ways To Make Space In Your Tiny Kitchen

Organization is obviously important, but for most of us it’s not amongst the most enjoyable of tasks. Sometimes we need a little kick-start to get going. This post brings you easy tips on how to open up your limited kitchen space and achieve a happier home.

Why This Ancient Value Is Actually 2016’s Hottest Kitchen Trend

Modern architecture focuses less on dividing us from nature, but rather bringing us closer to it. Explore photos of beautiful kitchens that bring the indoors and outdoors together in harmony.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2016

Get inspired! From lighting to color pallets to freestanding tubs, follow the top bathroom fads of this year.

Six Reasons To Choose White Walls

Who says white has to be boring? White walls can act as a blank canvas for you to bring your artistic vision to life through other decorating outlets.

How To Setup A Brand New Kitchen

Creating a brand new kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean remodeling. Take a look at these uncomplicated ways to generate a whole new feel in your kitchen.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets in 6 Easy Steps

Painting cabinets can be an easy task that makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of your space. Check out before and after photos and follow a step-by-step guide to painting your kitchen cabinets at home.

5 Kitchen Countertop Options That’ll Look Great In Any Home

Countertops are often the first thing your eye is drawn to upon entering the kitchen. Discover different options for your countertop that will compliment almost any look you wish to achieve.

Top Hardware Styles To Pair With Your Shaker Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet hardware is a small detail, but an important one at that. Peruse these hardware styles that will pair best with your classic shaker cabinets.

Go Green! Eco-Friendly Countertop Options

Are you interested in going green? Consider sustainable materials for your kitchen countertop that look great and offer longevity.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2016

Delve into the hottest kitchen trends over this past year. Browse progressive aesthetics and innovative ideas to consider for your kitchen remodel.

What are your kitchen/bathroom goals for 2017?

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18 December 2018

18 December 2018

18 December 2018

  • Terracotta Coffee Tables by Simone Bonanni
    Obon is a collection of three tables inspired by an ancient, earthy, irregular material: terracotta. With its origins lost in the mists of time, terracotta is at the base of millenary archaeological...
  • Bilbao Apartment Renovation by Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos
    This beautiful design project carried out by the team of Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos comes to show us that even the refurbishment of a regular urban apartment can be playful, artistic and become...
  • Life Experience Center by GFD
    Mountains and rivers breed natural elegance. Jiuxi, a scenic spot on the west side of West Lake in Hangzhou, boasts fantastic natural landscape and cultural relics, and presents a poetic lifestyle....
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